First of all, it was shameful the way the Democrats abandoned ACORN to the rabid wolves of the right and just stood idly by while the organization was torn limb-from-limb by lies, heavily edited videotape and the right-wing noise machine. My Senator, Claire McCaskill, was one of the spineless cowards who turned on them, in spite of the fact that it was ACORN busting their asses to get her elected and make all the committee chairs in the Senate Democrats. I know, because they were knocking on my door five times a week canvassing for her in the fall of 2006.

Every Democratic Senator and Representative who fell all over themselves rushing to pass a blatantly unconstitiutional Bill of Attainder to cut off funding to the organization ought to be publicly shamed until they apologize publicly, and do so often. They owe the organization no less, god-damnit. Especially in light of the fact that every time a prosecutor looks at the tapes that politicians relied on to indict the group, they find no evidence of wrong-doing on the part of ACORN. Instead they find wrongdoing on the part of O’Keefe, Giles and the operatives who set the organization up to be brought down before they helped any more of those undeserving poor people.

It was the ultimate “fuck you” to a constituency who elected a black community organizer to be President of the United States.

And they all but succeeded, too. Except a group that employs people who came up the hard way and who work in the communities that need help doesn’t just roll over and die when the classists and racists come after them. They may fall back, but they don’t retreat.

After months of budget problems and criticism from the right, the community organizing group Acorn plans to release a letter next week clarifying its path forward and stating that its local chapters may be closed, but the national organization is alive and well.

“You will continue to hear from Acorn – in the mail, on the Web, and in the media,” says the letter, a draft of which was provided to The New York Times. “And we need your continued support to counter the vicious antifamily, antiminority, anti-immigrant attacks of the Republican right.”

The letter, which says the organization will continue working for health care reform, immigration reform and affordable housing, comes after Acorn announced last month its plans to close all of its local chapters and field operations by April 1.

Of course, the New York Times continues to be terrible and unbalanced in their coverage of the group. Even thought they have printed reports in their own pages of vindication of ACORN by both the Brooklyn DA and the Attorney General of California, they don’t mention that in subsequent reports, such as the one in today’s paper. Instead they continue to let rightists with an agenda, like Darryl Issa, continue to attack the organization and cast aspersions and make unfounded accusations of unseemly conduct with inuendo and elision.

That’s one hell of a paper of record we have, huh? In fact, with “journalism” like that, who needs a Wurlitzer?