Ok, I’d like to retract a variety of statements about the Fischer v. Fischer race in the 107th now that I’ve read this:

New details have emerged from the protection order obtained by an eastern Missouri lawmaker against her husband, who is challenging her at the polls.

State Rep. Linda Fischer of Bonne Terre alleges in court documents that her husband grabbed her arms and waist to wrestle away her cell phone and sent her harassing text messages.

Yikes. Looks like John Fischer might be an easy favorite for least likable general election nominee in this election. I bet the Republicans wish they had another candidate now. Because if the charges have merit, John Fischer does not deserve support.

The AP story says that John Fischer filed to run for the state house because “he opposes what Democrats have done with the economy, health care and the federal stimulus”. So he’s running for the state house, against his wife, because of federal issues. Alrighty then.