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We have some success on the “Finding candidates” front! Democrat Theodore “Ted” Rights of Hamilton filed in the 6th district to challenge Republican Sam Graves. Rights is a Doctor in General Practice in Jamesport (Daviess County). Which should make Graves “The Government took over your health care” talk a lot more ridiculous since he will be facing an actual doctor. Graves also got a primary opponent, as Christopher Ryan of Liberty filed.

Frequent candidate Richard Charles Tolbert (D-Kansas City) filed for the US Senate today. He is running for re-election to the Metropolitan Community College Board of Trustees on April 6th. Tolbert ran for Lt. Governor in 2008, Jackson County Executive in 2006, 2002, and 1998, and he last ran for the Senate in 1992. Tolbert and Francis Vangeli will be splitting the contrarian vote while Robin Carnahan wins the primary easily.

Republican Marshall Works of Ballwin and Republican Fred Sauer of St. Louis filed for Congress in the 1st Congressional district. Expanding that field to 4. Republican James “Bryant” Walker of Jefferson City filed in the 4th Congressional District, expanding that field to 9 candidates. Republican Ron Shawd of Lee’s Summit filed in the 5th Congressional District, expanding that field to 5.

But we don’t have Democrats in the 2nd or 9th district. Which should be fixed before filing closes tomorrow, hint hint.

Democrat Don Crozier of O’Fallon filed in the 2nd Senate District, providing valuable insurance in case Cynthia Davis wins the primary and expands on the virtue of hunger. Can’t win if you don’t file.

Libertarian Bob Ludlow filed in the 10th Senate district, meaning that he will talk about liberty as he loses to Jolie Justus in November.

Jack Jackson withdrew and filed again in the 26th Senate District to get the bottom of the ballot spot. Two of his opponents for Auditor in 2006 played that trick while Jackson had the top spot on the ballot.

Speaking of tricks. The weirdest filing of the day comes out of HD107, Republican John Fischer of Bonne Terre filed to face Democrat Linda Fischer of Bonne Terre. John and Linda are married. When I speak of having contested elections, I never spoke of filing for office against your spouse. Seriously guys, you’re getting a bit too clever for your own good. Either a Republican or Democrat is going to file there to block whatever you two have in mind.

More under the fold

Democrat Debbie Bixler of St. Charles filed against Mark Parkinson in HD16, presumably as an agent of the anti-antique slot machine conspiracy. Democrat Henry Iwenofu of Uplands Park filed in HD71, expanding that field to 3.

Republican Glenn Crowther of Osborn filed in HD5, expanding that field to 3. Republican Sarah “Sally” Miller filed in HD44 against Jason Kander. Republican Pam Osgood of Lee’s Summit filed in HD48 expanding that field to 3. Republicans Roger Teagarden and Patrick Brennan filed in HD83 against Jake Zimmerman. No word on if Teagarden has the Teaparty vote. Republican Mark Stuppy of Brookline Station filed in HD134, setting up an epic town name battle with Battlefield Republican Thomas Long and Republic Republican James Green. Republican William Breshears of Billings filed in HD141. Libertarian Bill Pinkston filed in HD92. Constitution Party candidate Josh Allum of Bowling Green filed in HD10.