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St. Louis Activist Hub does the best work bar none, in Missouri, of calling out teabaggers on their lies:

The St. Louis Tea Party, after a weekend of chest-thumping and saber rattling, is now trying to portray themselves as victims of a Lefty and Media conspiracy to make them look like extremists. I think there is overwhelming evidence that their actions over the past week were specifically intended to intimidate members of congress and/or rile up their followers, potentially into violence. I present it here.

At a rally at Carnahan’s office last Saturday, they threw boots at Carnahan’s picture. That was a warm up exercise. Then they:

finally ended by setting the picture of Carnahan on fire while Dana Loesch said things like, “This is how a fire smells when it’s burning Tyranny”.

They used a photo of Carnahan with blood dripping from his mouth: [visit St. Louis Activist Hub to see the photo]

Jim Hoft titled  his post “Russ Carnahan Gets Booted and Torched,” and said:

The protesters torched Russ’s photo while they chanted “Death to Dictator.”

And that’s not all that these “victimized” bullies have been up to. But you have to visit the St. Louis Activist Hub to get the rest of the story. Don’t miss the concluding paragraph.