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The title for “worst bill/amendment loss” has been won by Andrew Koenig. Koenig (R-) proposed an amendment to HB 2007 (Budget bill for Econ Dev, Insurance, Transportation, etc) to cut every dollar from the Division of Tourism Supplemental Revenue Fund (all $19,339,812). The vote total was 136 to 15

Members voting for the bill: Jason Brown (termed out, running for a county office IIRC), Cynthia Davis (primarying a Senator), Mike Dethrow (termed out), Ed Emery (termed out, running for the Senate), Doug Ervin (termed out), Tim Flook (unopposed for re-election, so far), Doug Funderburk (opposed by Democrat Richard Trueba), Tim Jones (unopposed so far), Andrew Koenig (unopposed so far), Will Kraus (running for the state Senate), Cole McNary (unopposed so far), Bryan Pratt (termed out, running for the state senate), Marilyn Ruestman (termed out), Clint Tracy (running for presiding judge in Cape County), and Kevin Wilson (termed out).

And no Democrat has filed in the 8th Senate District (where Pratt and Kraus are running). I’m pretty sure that tourist locations exist in that district.

All in all, this budget session is kind of like the Meat Loaf song from the mid-1990s. They would do anything for love, but they won’t do that. Because they’re not totally stupid. Congrats to the other 70ish members of the Republican Caucus for doing the obvious thing.