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Previously: Campaign Tracker: the worst job in politics and you still have to wear a suit (March 17, 2010)

Representative Denny Hoskins (r – noun, verb, CPA) was on the radio today complaining about mean people, or something:

….Representative Denny Hoskins: Well, one of the other things I wanted to talk about was just the, uh, article in last Friday’s paper…

Marion Woods, KOKO radio: I saw that.

Representative Hoskins: …talking about trackers.

Marion Woods: I saw that.

Representative Hoskins: Yes, yes, and, uh…

Marion Woods: Where did that come from anyway?

Representative Hoskins: I don’t know.  I, uh, think some people have active imaginations.

Marion Woods: [laughter]

Representative Hoskins: Is it [inaudible][crosstalk]…

Marion Woods: You have no tracker, do you?

Representative Hoskins: No, I, I have not hired any tracker. My campaign has not hired any tracker. [crosstalk]

Marion Woods: I didn’t know there was such a thing as a tracker.

Representative Hoskins: Yes, you know, until I got into politics I didn’t realize that there was, either. But, you know, back in two thousand eight when, um, you know, you had Ike Skelton running and, and you had, you know, other people.  Now, even, you know if I’m at event with, uh, state Senator Stoufer or, or Vicky Hartzler…

Marion Woods: Um, hm.

Representative Hoskins: …I mean there will be a tracker there. Uh.

Marion Woods: There will be.

Representative Hoskins: Yes, usually there’ll be a tracker there videotaping them and taking pictures of, of everything they say. Um, you know, same thing goes for Ike Skelton. When he’s around lots of times there’s a, there’s a tracker there. When Roy Blunt came through on his job’s tour…

Marion Woods: Uh, huh.

Representative Hoskins: …and was down at Heroes [Warrensburg restaurant] there was a tracker there that was recording and, and taking pictures.

Marion Woods: Is now, is that tracker from the other party from where you are?

Representative Hoskins: Lot.

Marion Woods: Is that the way that works?

Representative Hoskins:  Lots of times. Lots of times it’s from the other party. But, I have not hired any tracker to, to, I, I could, you know, care less about where Courtney is going [Woods: laughter] or when she’s in Excelsior Springs and when she’s here and…

Marion Woods: Yuh.

Representative Hoskins:   So it, you know, it’s one of my least priorities I guess I should say…

Marion Woods: [laughter]


Representative Hoskins:   So, when, you know, articles come out in the paper and, you know, Courtney’s says that I’ve stooped to some, having, following her, she’s lying.

Marion Woods: Yeah.

Representative Hoskins:   I’ll call a spade a spade, she’s lying. I’m not having anybody follow her…


Marion Woods: I, I, I never have understood that why, why, uh, why we have to have the dirt slinging and things like that that goes on. Uh, that doesn’t.

Representative Hoskins:  No it doesn’t, it doesn’t serve any purpose. But like I’ve said before, you know, this hundred twenty-first district has been a swing district. [crosstalk]

Marion Woods: Yuh.

Representative Hoskins:   And we’ve been honorably represented by Republicans and Democrats. And it’s the number one, um, due to that fact and, and the fact that I won by a hundred twenty-two votes this past time….

“…I don’t know. I, uh, think some people have active imaginations…”

Uh, we were there. There was a tracker. We asked him. We photgraphed him.

SMP: …So, are you a tracker or something?

Tracker: Uh, you could say that I guess…

In fact, he has a unique license plate:

Tracker: You like the license plate? [In response to me photographing the back of the car.]

SMP: Actually? Interesting…

So, I suppose there must be some way to track that down. And if we did, we could check that identity against campaign payments to individuals to see who might be paying him. I mean, the tracker must at least be getting mileage, right? He did say he worked in politics:

Tracker: Uh, yeah, I’ve been working in politics for a while…

And who is virtuous?

“…I, I, I never have understood that why, why, uh, why we have to have the dirt slinging and things like that that goes on. Uh, that doesn’t….”

“…No it doesn’t, it doesn’t serve any purpose…”

Dirt slinging in politics? You think for some people it depends on the truth? Or who is doing it? Does anyone remember candidate Denny Hoskins complaining about this lie?:

Denny Hoskins (r) in the 121st Legislative District: attack piece ignores the NRA (October 17, 2008)

The Missouri republican State Committee is hurling an outrageous amount of money on behalf of Denny Hoskins (r – noun, verb, CPA) in his quest to take the open seat race in the 121st Legislative District over Jim Jackson (D).

The typical republican campaign startegery – throw lots of money at their problems

The problem for Hoskins and the Missouri republican State Committee is that they’re so desperate to attack a Democrat on guns that they neglected to check with the National Rifle Association before they created their attack piece. Either that, or they can’t read. Which brings up the issue of the total lack of republican support for education. But, I digress.

The republican way – when in doubt, attack and damn the facts

Uh, you forgot to check in with the NRA:

Well, it looks like they got the same rating. Here’s a word problem for all you logic whizzes: If Jim Jackson and Denny Hoskins have the same “A” rating from the NRA, and “Missouri gun owners can’t trust Jim Jackson to defend our gun rights”, doesn’t that mean that “Missouri gun owners can’t trust Denny Hoskins to defend our gun rights”? Just asking….

Or did Denny Hoskins complain about this?:

Meet your Missouri GOP: an unholy alliance with Missouri Right to Life (October 27, 2008)

I get it, *IOKIYAR.

*it’s okay of you’re a republican