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There was a fundraiser this evening for Courtney Cole, the Democratic candidate in the 121st Legislative District, at the home of former state representative Deleta Williams in Warrensburg. Missouri Secretary of State (and U.S. Senate candidate) Robin Carnahan attended and spoke briefly.

There was a vehicle with an individual in the driver side seat parked along an access road across from the driveway entrance to the event.

Note the video camera in his lap.

Our conversation:

Show Me Progress: How are you doing?

Tracker: Hello. How are you?

SMP: Good, good. So, are you a tracker or something?

Tracker: Uh, you could say that I guess.

SMP: Yeah. I’m with Show Me Progress. [I handed him my business card. He took it.]

Tracker: Oh!

SMP: Yeah. So, so, where are you from?

Tracker: Uh, I’d rather not say.

SMP: Oh, okay, that’s cool. [sound of camera shutter]

Tracker: You like the license plate? [In response to me photographing the back of the car.]

SMP: Actually? Interesting.

Tracker: Um, hm.

SMP: Yeah, so, uh, so have you been doing this for long or working in, in politics and stuff like that? [crosstalk]

Tracker: Uh, yeah, I’ve been working in politics for a while. [crosstalk]

SMP: Yeah. Good, good. Uh, where are you from, just in, are you from Missouri or just?

Tracker: I’d rather not say.

SMP: Okay, that’s cool. Well, listen, have a good evening, all right?

No job is too insignificant in a campaign, but wearing a tie for this?