XXX Anyway, says Freivogel, changing the First Amendment could be a slippery slope. Next thing you know, we’ll be considering amendments to ban flag burning and allow prayer in schools. As he pointed out, the First Amendment is generally a liberal icon, one we might not want to mess with. Consider, though, how daunting it is to amend the Constitution. Doing so requires approval of 3/4 of the state legislatures. That’s a bar few proposals can hurdle. It’s a bar high enough to eliminate an idea like allowing state sponsored prayer in schools. But if any idea has the oomph to clear that bar, it would be getting corporate money out of our elections. As Freivogel pointed out, 66-80 percent of those polled favored eliminating corporate money in elections. XXX

if we want to save the intent of the First Amendment and the chance of having a democracy, we’re going to have to ask ourselves, “What would Thomas Jefferson do?” He thought we would need a new Constitutional convention every few decades, so, in lieu of that, I think he’d at least approve of a little practical fudging on the First Amendment.