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The nice weather brought out the filers today. Well, seven filers. But still.

Libertarian Cisse Spragins of Kansas City filed for the US Senate, creating a contested primary with Jonathan Dine of Riverside. Now all four qualified parties have contested primaries for the US Senate, and Missourians are left to wonder who’ll get more total votes between the Libertarians and the Constitution Party in their contested primaries.

Libertarian Charles Baum of St. Louis filed for Auditor. If no Constitution Party candidates file, the Libertarians have a shot at 2% and securing future ballot access. Right now, they need 2% for Senator of Auditor, or they’d have to petition in 2012. The Constitution Party is guaranteed 2012.

Also, Representative Ike Skelton filed. He will face a random Dem (Leonard Steinman of Jeff City) and one of six Republicans in November in what should be his most exciting election in years.

Libertarian Sean O’Toole of Kansas City filed in HD40, making him the first non-Democrat to file in that district since 1998. Republican Brent Lasater of Independence filed in HD53. Lasater ran for the seat in 2006 and 2008 and he’ll be facing Lynn Vogel in the Republican primary. Republican William Barlish of Sedalia filed in HD118 against incumbent Stanley Cox. Republican Bobby G. Spencer of West Plains filed in HD151 against incumbent Ward Franz of West Plains and challenger Kathleen Hensley of Willow Springs. Hensley ran as an Independent in 2008. The district maps are taking a day off, as the Missouri State House site is currently out partying (it’s down at the moment)

So, perhaps some people will show up on Monday Morning. Our total through 9 days of filing is 464, with 46 of those filings coming in the last 8 filing days. Also, the Royals scored 4 runs today in Spring Training, as they beat Texas but were outscored by the Missouri Candidate filings. Over/under for Monday is 5. Hey, for the next few weeks of filing, it’s time for the random citizen to show up.