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Constitution partier Mike Simmons of New Haven filed for the US Senate, making the Constitution Party US Senate primary a three-way dance and also making the Constitution Party field larger than the Democratic Party field for the US Senate. Simmons will face Jerry Beck of LaMonte and Joe Martellaro of Cuba in the primary. Also, Libertarian Rick Vandeven of Chaffee filed in the 8th Congressional District.

Democrat Amy Hilgemann filed in HD64, a seat held by Rachel Storch and might be an open seat (feel free to confirm or deny the openness of the seat on here or by e-mailing me). Hilgemann is the wife of former state Rep. Bob Hilgemann.

Also, Republican Daniel O’Sullivan filed in HD73. O’Sullivan lost a race for this seat in November 2008, and November 2009. Will he do a hat-trick in November 2010? Probably. Stay tuned. As well, Democrat Bob Rubino of Nixa filed in HD141, a seat opened up by the term limits-induced departure of Jay Wasson.

So the total for today was 5, one under the O/U I gave. The over/under for filers tomorrow is 5. Feel free to liberally bet the under. The areas without Democratic Congressional candidates: CD2 (are all the frequent candidates busy?), CD6, and CD9. Still got 27 days left. But time flies.