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When I learned via Prime Buzz that Ike Skelton and Minnesota’s Collin Peterson have introduced legislation that would “veto the EPA’s finding in December that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases endanger public health and welfare,” I was not really as surprised as Caesar was by Brutus’ nasty knife in the back. Just another Missouri Democrat out to establish his credentials as a running dog for big coal – first Claire McCaskill, and now the ever-predictable Mr. Skelton. Nevertheless, I did wonder if he couldn’t have just waited and voted on some other jerk’s bad legislation? Did he have to initiate?

The real eyeopener, though, can be found in the comments on the Prime Buzz article. One blighted-in-the-bud intellect declares that no matter what Skelton does, the voters of his district will never regard him as anything other than “just another Pelosi lackey.” Too bad nobody told Pelosi – she could surely have made much better use of Skelton had she known that he is just another one of her lackeys. Of course, on the other hand, some of us are more concerned about Peabody Coal’s lackeys than Pelosi’s.