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The Pitch’s blog reports that the new Mark Parkinson idea is far weirder and angrier than the antique slot machines idea which was narrowly defeated in 2009. His new idea: deducting from Jay Nixon’s salary to buy Powerball tickets. An idea so absurd, asinine, and petty that it’s one of the better Republican revenue ideas ever (by default).

You know, if you deduct $2 from the weekly pay of each State Rep and Senator, you’d have the money to buy 394 Powerball tickets a week. I think the odds might be around 500000 to 1 (if the state is lucky), which means the state, if it plays every week, will be guaranteed to win at least once before the year 6820. It’s a guaranteed win-win!

BTW, Allen Icet co-sponsoring this bill probably won’t be noted in his Auditor ads. Although it makes him look better than pointing out how he cut meals on wheels out of the budget his committee passed.