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It’s one thing to hear about drastic state budget cuts; it’s another to hear from the people directly affected. GRO is sponsoring a Show-Me Showdown in Jeff City on Thursday, March 4th to spotlight some specific people who are being hurt.

The event is shaping up to be a huge solidarity rally for Thursday, March 4.

Working with people from across the state, we have made some great progress with turnout commitments!  We are headed to the Missouri State Capitol for the Show-Me Showdown because it’s about time for a face-off between the people and the greedy corporate elite interests!

We’re especially focusing on the harmful Missouri state budget cuts to the disability community, public sector jobs, state workers benefits, education, and health care…the list goes on. We want an economy and state legislature that works for us!

Will you join us on Thursday, March 4 for the Show-Me Showdown?  If so, GREAT!  Email lily@gromo.org or call toll-free (877) 581-9595 so that we can save your seat on the bus!

The Disability Rights Day Rally is 11:30 am, Monday, March 1 at the State Capitol!  They will hit the lawmakers when they arrive that week and we will get em’ right before they head home!

Some Details about the Show-Me Showdown day:

We’ve got buses coming from central and southeast Missouri and St. Louis and some vans from Kansas City.

The event kicks off promptly at 10:30 in Jefferson City on the south capitol steps with lively entertainment, heartfelt testimonials, street theater and action!

We are seeking out funds so we’ll cover lunch for anybody who signs up to ride with us. So far we’ve got 200 people who said that they are coming and we want hundreds more!