Honestly, we didn't really want to believe that this required sharper illustration, but it seems like some people still don't understand the conflicts of interest, nepotistic loyalties and general Good-Old-Boy allegiances that have dictated the recent actions by the UCM Board of Governors.

If you, gentle reader, find yourself confused by the Benoit Wesly affair, boggled by Podolefsky non-renewal or troubled by the burgeoning boondoggle that is the new President search process, please consider the following:

Starting with UCM Non-Employee Greg Hassler, one can trace a slimy path to UCM Board of Governors President Dick Phillips, in 12 easy steps. Here we go!



Greg Hassler

Part-Owner (one of four initial members) of D & H Media, LLC

AM radio attacker of Ronnie Podolefsky and Aaron Podolefsky

Married to Carol Hassler (see below)