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…an astroturf “populist” lobbyist, and a few ankle biters.

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) busted the chops of the republican leadership of the Missouri General Assembly over their hypocrisy when it comes to using federal money. The Twitter flurry started on February 10th.

Senator Claire McCaskill (D): What portions of the stimulus funds do Missouri republicans not want?

From Allen to Claire

The Twitter posts from Senator McCaskill:

Sent letter yestrday askng budget chairs in Mo legis what programs they’d cut if they didn’t have almost billion $ in stimulus this year.    8:58 AM Feb 10th   from web  

Mark Reardon at KMOX:

MO House Budget Chair Allen Icet responds to @clairecmc and the letter she sent on the Federal Stimulus $$ this afternoon.    1:17 PM Feb 10th   from web

@clairecmc I will ask him. You are more than welcome to join us at 3:20p. It would be a blast!    1:42 PM Feb 10th   from web  in reply to clairecmc

Senator McCaskill responded:

@MarkReardonKMOX Not really.He didn’t answer the ?. Either he can’t or won’t.Time to be honest w/MOians about their dependence on stimulus.    1:32 PM Feb 10th   from web  in reply to MarkReardonKMOX

@MarkReardonKMOX Don’t let him skate,this not about capntrade or healthcare About stimulus preventng massive educ cuts during deep recession    2:13 PM Feb 10th   from web  in reply to MarkReardonKMOX

@AFPMissouri My question: if you want us to pull back remaining stimulus $ tell me what will be cut, how will MOians be hurt? Fair question.    2:17 PM Feb 10th   from web  in reply to AFPMissouri

What’s that, a fake grassroots lobbyist you say? What did Carl Bearden write to prompt a response from Claire McCaskill?:


They dnt wnt the stimulus $$ but if MO residents r paying @clairecmc ‘s earmark big debt bill, how cld they not spend it? RT @ChadLivengood    2:15 PM Feb 10th   from TweetDeck

@clairecmc now that gun has bn held 2 leg head, they r n box. Ur vote forced Missourians 2 pay 4 the big debt so how cld leg not spend $$?    2:19 PM Feb 10th   from TweetDeck

@clairecmc Leg shld not have spent $$ 2 begin with, MO wld pay taxes 4 ur vote 2 indebt them. They shld start by not spending $$ on HB22.    2:22 PM Feb 10th   from TweetDeck

@clairecmc my point is using orig $$ which they hd no real choice 2 do places them in a hole. I wld sprt tkng $$ bck & hvng thm mke decisns    2:33 PM Feb 10th   from TweetDeck

@clairecmc U ddnt ask how they wld spnd b4 voting 2 put MOians n debt so asking now is pol. Vote 2 pull remaining $$ & lt thm do thr job.    2:44 PM Feb 10th   from TweetDeck

@clairecmc decisions 2 cut always tuf but stimulus $$ jst delayed it & now made decisions harder.    2:45 PM Feb 10th   from TweetDeck  

Senator McCaskill finishes with:

Going forward,if we pull back unspent stimulus $, how will the budget in #MO be balanced? Who will take the billion $ cut?Impt to be honest    2:24 PM Feb 10th   from web  

The usual right wingnut suspects – teabaggers, tenthers, and numerous and sundry members of the political lunatic fringe join the fray:  

Another great moment in right wingnut critical thinking:

24thstate Since @clairecmc took office in 2007, the national debt has gone from $9 trillion to $12 trillion. Heckuva job, Claire!   1 day ago from web

And who was president from 2001 to January 2009 and left a really big mess for someone else to clean up? Just asking.

Bioethike Sen. @clairecmc : Asking MO budget chairs which programs they’d cut without fed money is paternalistic colonialism. #fiscalresponsibility   2 days ago from web

Paternalistic colonialism? Because there’s no such thing as a Constitution?

Danstlmo @clairecmc It does not matter “WHO” takes the cut, it is about we “Must” make the cuts. This is not sustainable.   2 days ago from web

[with a “Don’t Tread on Me” avatar]

PoliticalTheft @clairecmc A politician even typing the word honest gives me chills.. If by honest you mean a Madoff ponzi scheme, then yes, I get it.   2 days ago from web

Ritzer @clairecmc I’m sick of all the damn spending. You all don’t get it! #MO   2 days ago from Nambu

markparkinson @ChadLivengood @clairecmc with or w/o the stimulus money, our budget must be balanced, per our Constitution.   2 days ago from Tweetie

That’s someone familiar. And on and on and on…

They remind me of a crowd somewhere.