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Okay, so the Repugs have tons of money to pay people to sit around all day and come up with very clever ways to denigrate Democrats and we don’t.  Happy Valentine’s Day indeed.  Everyone who gets that RNC message can have fun choosing a card and sending it to dozens, maybe even hundreds, of other people.

No wonder we’re losing the message war.  According to a recent Wash Post/ABC poll President Obama’s overall job approval rating has gone from 68% in Feb 2009 to 51% now.    

Which party is doing a better job of coping with our country’s current problems? In Dec 2008, between the election and inauguration, Dems scored the confidence of 56% of those polled as opposed to 43% today.  And even more incredibly, Repugs, despite their obstructionism and nasty tempers, have gained the confidence of voters (from 23% to 37%.)

Their lies and smear tactics (funded by Big Pharma and insurance giants) on the topic of health care/insurance reform have paid off too.

On the question of who is doing a better job of handling the health care reform debate? In June 2009, Obama received 55% approval to Repugs 27%approval rating.  Today Obama’s approval is at 46% and Repugs at 41%.

There are many good progressive blogs and online news groups doing heroic deeds, but, for the most part, they are preaching to the choir.  We need national leadership/organization (and I don’t mean the limp and tiresome OFA) to craft a message that resonates with the general public and can be repeated quickly and easily by those of us who want it to sink in.  President Obama seems to have come out of his shell lately, and David Plouffe is back in the saddle, so maybe we’ll finally get a coherent message machine reved up again.