VoteVets is going after Roy Blunt with a new ad that shows a Missouri veteran of the war in Iraq calling him out for taking thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars from oil and energy companies that do business in countries with terrorist ties, and they are putting it on the air in the state with a $600,000 ad buy.

The Missouri GOP is, to be sure, in two or three simultaneous tizzies over it. They are furious at the audacity of these upstart punks who have never done anything besides take up arms for their country taking exception to Roy exercising his god-given right to suckle at the oil teat. They also have theior lace dainties wedged in their nether regions over the ads use of an image of the USS Cole after it was attacked by suicide bombers as it sat in the port in Yemen. This would be the same state GOP that has no qualms about using images of 9/11 in their own ads, of course, but as I am sure they would tell you, that’s different somehow.

“It is shocking and offensive that this group would use footage of a heinous attack that killed 17 Americans to smear Roy Blunt’s record and link opposition to cap-and-trade legislation to support for terrorism,” said David Cole, chairman of the state GOP. “Missourians are tired of the kind of disgusting attack politics that Robin Carnahan and her allies are engaging in. Carnahan should immediately condemn this ad and demand that its removal from television.”

Oh the hypocrisy! It burns!

I’ll let the St. Louis Beacon take it from there:

At the Missouri Lincoln Days festivities in February 2002 — just months after the terrorism attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 — the state GOP unveiled a 6.5-minute spot that opened with the collapse of the World Trade Center towers into dust, and footage of survivors running for their lives.

Produced by the Republican National Committee, the ad was to be used to energize party activists. It also included portions of then-President George W. Bush’s emotional speech to Congress shortly after 9/11, including his declaration “Let’s roll.” Also featured were comments from top Republicans, including then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani and then-national terrorism chief Tom Ridge.

Then state party chairwoman Ann Wagner, who now chairs Blunt’s campaign, narrated part of the ad. She said at the time that the point of using the 9/11 footage was to underscore that “elections matter. Who we elect matters.”

A state GOP spokesman replied today that the 9/11 spot and the Cole ad served two different purposes.

Uh…yeah…one was made to whip up support for electing republicans and the other highlights why that is a really, really bad idea if you truly care about national security, energy independence or the lives and wellbeing of our fellow Americans who serve in the military.

Them’s different purposes, allright! We’re gonna hafta get up earlier in the morning if we want to fool them!

(Ouch. I rolled my eyes so hard, it hurt.)

Peter Kinder, our erstwhile Lt. Governor and the only republican besides the retiring Kit Bond to hold statewide office at this point in time took to a medium as powerful as his office to denounce the ad…he tweeted his disapproval (which rather sounds like how a scolding from Scarlet O’Hara’s Aunt Pitty-Pat would be delivered, doesn’t it?) calling it the most dispicable political ad ever.

Yes. Peter Kinder thinks that this factual ad that documents the points it is trying to make it is worse than the Swiftboat Liars or the one that Saxby Shameless used to attack Max Cleland. Gotcha.

Silly me…I forgot. Those demonstrably false propaganda projects were conducted by republicans against democrats, and it is always okay to malign and impugn Democrats and question their patriotism, but it is never okay for the tables to turn. I just seem to have so much trouble remembering that the two teams have to play by different rules.  I should send them a note thanking them for helping to clear up my confusion.