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Finally, somebody gets it !!  Springfield News Leader editorial Feb. 6 on raising pollution permit fees

is welcome news.  Southwest Missouri sees itself as even more dependent on clean water than the rest of the state although I don’t think that’s true.  Clean water is the life source for all of us.  If the economic argument is what gets DNR’s attention, so be it.  

Those of us who lobbied for this issue in Jeff City a few days ago welcome the News Leader’s attempt to educate the public.  Maybe the KC and St. L papers will jump in too.  I’m going to send this editorial to Rep. Marilyn Reulsman from Joplin, one of the reps we visited on Wednesday. She said she lives right next to a stream where her kids played while they were growing up.  Now she won’t let her grandkids anywhere near it, and some mornings there is as big glob of dirty foam on it.  She inquired and was told it was effluent from Neosho and there was nothing that could be done about it.  Don’t you love that problem solving attitude??? Egad.