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Looks like karma has finally caught up with the odious Rod Jetton.  Via TPM:

Rod Jetton, the former Missouri pol charged with assault after a November sexual encounter, is now reportedly under scrutiny in an FBI probe into the killing of a bill to regulate strip clubs.

No question there’s interest in Rod Jetton,” former lawmaker Bob Johnson, who was interviewed by three agents, told the Star. “That’s all they wanted to talk about.

We learn from Fired Up! Missouri that when Republican State Senator Matt Bartle testified before a federal grand jury today, he likely discussed a 2005 anti-porn bill he supported that was killed after opponents donated $35,000 to a political committee with links to Jetton – who, like all his Republican brethren, liked to talk out of the right side of his mouth about “family values.”  Mike Mahoney adds:

Rumors of a federal probe have prompted lawmakers on both sides and the Governor to call for major ethics reform.

Don’t you just love how everybody gets so reform-minded when somebody gets nailed for doing what everybody knew everybody else was doing all along? I’ll believe there’ll be reform when I see it – but meanwhile, karma couldn’t blow-back on a more deserving member of the fraternity of evil clowns that seems to want to congregate in Jefferson City.