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The Turner Report today offers a treasure trove, so to speak, of Missouri Republican response to the President’s State of the Union Address. You can find the National Republican Party Response, which laid down the official talking points that were then taken up and regurgitated by the Missouri Republican Party.  Such Missouri Republican luminaries as Jack Goldman (R-Mount Veron); Vicky Hartzler, the Republican challenger for Ike Skelton’s seat; and Billy Long, one of the stampede of candidates for Roy Blunt’s seat in the 7th district, also join the chorus.  

In case you are not inclined to spend your precious time parsing the same old Republican tropes, I offer a summary of the salient points made collectively and singly by these members of the GOP:

— The President needs to prematurely reject his policies as failures and return to the Republican-endorsed policies of the past eight years that have already been proven to be failures.

— The President has not been listening to the American people — by which Republicans mean themselves, the lobbyists and business pals they serve, along with the small tea party mobs corporate lackeys have stirred up with distortions and empty populist rhetoric.  

— 2009 marked the “people’s revolt” against tax increases – in spite of the fact that there have been no real tax increases to date, we currently enjoy the lowest tax rates of almost any developed nation, and any tax increases that have been or are being proposed are limited to the wealthiest segments of our population.

— We are endangered by the President’s determination to trust our justice system to affirm our fundamental values by insuring that Islamic terrorists are given the same fair treatment that we hand out to domestic terrorists, such as the anti-abortion activist who murdered Dr. Tiller, and the anti-abortion, anti-gay bomber who tried to blow up American citizens at the Atlanta Olympic games.

Then, as long as we are considering Republican talking points, there is Ike Skelton who, in response to the SOTU, noted that:

Instead of focusing on solutions to help America’s families wade through the wreckage of the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, Washington has wasted valuable time wrestling with partisan politics in an effort to rush through drastic reforms that do not directly address our most immediate needs.

The ostensibly Democratic Rep. Skelton also added that since the President has adopted some aspects of Republican rhetoric, all might not be lost:

The president’s address has lent us all hope – hope that the administration is finally heeding our concerns. It’s about time

Is Skelton really that frightened of Vicky Harzler, or has he always been a closet Republican?