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A group of veterans from recent wars, starting with the Gulf War, kicked off a bus tour on Tuesday at Washington University in St. Louis. Their purpose is to highlight the national security implications of ignoring our dependence on foreign oil. Their literature quotes General Anthony Zinni, former CentCom Commander:

“We will pay for this one way or another. We will pay to reduce greenhouse gas emissions today … or we will pay the price later in military terms. And that will involve human lives.

Tuesday’s event started with a short speech from Secretary of State Robin Carnahan. She would agree with Zinni, except that she stressed the potential for the U.S. to use this shift in energy usage to position itself economically in the coming decades.

She was, as usual, articulate and unpretentious. (Please excuse the fact that I missed the first few words of her first sentence. She’s talking about how much oil we buy from countries that sponsor terrorism.)

Find out more about Operation Free from Michael Bersin, who plans to cover their Thursday event in Warrensburg.