Tis the season for noticing that there’s quite a few boards and commissions in Missouri, and eliminating them.

The list of the boards eliminated already and those on the brink.

Already eliminated: Governor’s Advisory Council for Plant Biotechnology (inactive, duplicated), Governor’s Council on AIDS (duties to be assumed by HIV/STD Prevention Community Planning Group), Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging (duplicated), Missouri Commission on Patient Safety (job completed a few years ago), Missouri Commission on Total Compensation (inactive), Missouri Energy Policy Council (inactive since 2003), Missouri Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission (completed it’s work), Governor’s Council for Veterans Affairs (inactive, duplicated), Governor’s Commission on DWI and Impaired Driving (inactive, duplicated), Missouri Task Force on Youth Aging Out of Foster Care (completed work), Personal Independence Commission (inactive, duplicated), Missouri Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation (inactive), and Board on Geographic Names (Legislature codified the board)

227 spots and 13 boards down. And that’s not all, if the so-called Small Government Conservatives running the Missouri General Assembly act.

The boards on the brink of elimination:

Inactive boards

Missouri Seed Capital Investment Board

Special Health, Psychological and Social Needs of Minority Older Individuals Commission (inactive since 2009)

Comprehensive Entry Point System for Long Term Care (sub-committee)

Interior Design Council (inactive since 2002)

Thomas Hart Benton Homestead Memorial Commission (completed it’s work in 1991)

Professional Services Payment Committee (no appointments since established in 2007)

Missouri Rx Plan Advisory Commission (inactive, merge into Drug Utilization Review Board)

“Eliminate and transfer this stuff”

Advisory Committee on Lead Poisoning (transfer to the Board of Health)

State Savings and Loan Commission (incorporate into State Banking Board)

Missouri Acupuncturist Advisory Committee (transfer into Missouri State Board of Chiropractic Examiners)

Board of Licensed Private Fire Investigator Examiners (merge with Board of Private Investigator Examiners to create “Board of Private and Fire Investigator Examiners”)

Suicide Prevention Advisory Committee (put SPAC members on the State Advisory Council for Comprehensive Psychiatric Services)

Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact Advisory Committee (“merge” into Hazardous Waste Management Commission)

Missouri Fire Education Commission (“merge” into Missouri Fire Safety Advisory Board)

Missouri Fire Education Trust Fund Board (merge into Missouri Fire Safety Advisory Board)

Amusement Ride Safety Board (merge into Elevator Safety Board to create the much more exciting “Elevator & Amusement Ride Safety Board”)

Medical and Technical Advisory Committee (merge into MO HealthNet Oversight Committee)


Missouri State Advisory Council on Pain and Symptom Management

Weird how there’s a commission still on the books that hasn’t met since 1991. Now, the boards without activity or having money spent on their existence are more outdated than wasteful. Wasteful is when you’re spending money.

Weird how we’ve had these opponents of big government running the Missouri General Assembly for 7 years, and none of them noticed some of this stuff. It seems like the Republicans were too busy eliminating and limiting necessary programs to look at handling these boards.

It’s ultimately about having a government that is big enough to handle it’s duties and it’s programs. So it’s nice to see that someone is doing something there.

We’ll see what escapes the chopping board and what the General Assembly places on the chopping board pretty soon.