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Missourians for Honest Elections have been slogging along for five years now trying to get touchscreen voting machines banned in this state. Which they ought to be. Those blankety blank DREs are unreliable, expensive, capable of being hacked into but not capable of providing an accurate recount.

The MOHE members have been terriers who’ve sunk their teeth into this issue and hung on. Now they’re reaping the rewards of their tenacity. They got a Republican in the House last year to sponsor a bill to making the touchscreens illegal in Missouri. This year, the bill, HB 1490, is being sponsored by Republican Mike McGhee and co-sponsored by three Republicans and three Democrats. It’s been easier this year to find Republican co-sponsors since they saw to their alarm that in the NY 23 race last fall, no reliable means to audit election results existed.

Having gotten the issue thus far in the legislature, MOHE now needs our help. They’re asking that we call our reps and senators and ask them to support the bill. And MOHE offers these talking points:

  • DREs are more costly than paper ballots when additional costs of special storage, poll worker training, and technical support are considered.
  • DREs actually create longer voting lines than paper ballots because with paper ballots many more people can vote at the same time: there is no need to wait for a machine to become free.
  • DREs contain proprietary software that cannot be reviewed.
  • DREs have been demonstrated to be highly vulnerable to hacking–even by voters at the polls.
  • DREs have proved to be mechanically unreliable.
  • DREs do not offer a software independent means for election officials to verify election results. It follows from this point that they are never truly auditable.

Call or write. P-p-please?