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Yo Tony, False Equivalence is probably in the Stylebook, right?

Wonder why it’s taken so long for a bill to grab any traction making it illegal for lawmakers to work as political consultants?

Because former House Speaker Rod Jetton wasn’t the only one doing it.

The article in question mentions Jeff Roorda’s work for Sam Page (if that was the only work for a legislator, Jetton still leads $234K to $20K)

The Speaker of the Missouri House is the most powerful person in the Missouri House. The Minority Whip is probably near the bottom of the top 25 depending on how many permanent committees are in existence at this time.

In other words, the Majority Whip is in the top 5 of power in the 163 member house most of the time. And I’d need to do more digging to decide on if the Democratic Whip is powerful enough to be near the top 20% of the Legislature in power and influence.

That being said. Legislators still shouldn’t be paid political consultants and Reporters will unleash false equivalence beyond all reason. This changes nothing.