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Gee, what a great way to say goodbye to the old year.

Former Governor Matt “baby” Blunt (r-“I kicked as many widows and orphans off of Medicaid as I could before I quit” or “I was Sarah Palin before being Sarah Palin was cool”) has engaged in a comparatively manic flurry of Twitter posts today. His entire magnum opus to date:

Hello    8:58 AM Jul 13th   from web  


i am new to twitter.    9:11 AM Jul 13th   from mobile web  

People can usually figure that out when you only have two posts.

Then, nothing until today:

Surely recent events will force Obama to abandon plan to send Gitmo detainees to Yemen: http://tinyurl.com/yjpxyaz    about 9 hours ago   from mobile web  

Hey, wait, wasn’t that Dick Cheney’s idea?

This is still a good idea: http://tinyurl.com/yax8pr3    about 8 hours ago   from mobile web  

Evidently this particular one is a completely different idea.

MU-Navy is a tough call for me, but most sports fans understand you have to stick with your alma mater. I love and respect MU, but Go Navy!    about 5 hours ago   from mobile web  

Great win for Navy. Hoping for a great 2010 season for both teams.    about 2 hours ago   from mobile web  

Okay, that’s six total since July, with four today. Two electronic throat clearings, two on public policy, and two on football.

You’d think he was running for office. What, 2012?

Or maybe he has a relative who is?