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Jim Roos, who has been fighting to revise the eminent domain laws in our state, is working to see that McKee’s North St. Louis development won’t abuse that practice.

Sunday is the perfect chance to gather a bazillion signatures. Or anyway a couple thousand.

Please help gather signatures calling for vote by St. Louis city voters to repeal the Paul McKee/North St. Louis development plan, Ordinance # 68485, which allows eminent domain over the next 23 year and $391,000,000 of TIF/future tax subsidy.  Reversing this plan will provide impetus for state eminent domain reform.   To get this on the ballot, we need 4400 good signatures by December 10th and 11,000 more by early February.  

On Sunday, Dec. 6th, from 7:30 to 5:00, along Oakland &  I-40, south of Forest Park, from Hampton to Tamm (4 blocks) is a  party to celebrate the reopening of I-40.  20,000 people are expected.  It will be a great opportunity to gather signatures.  Joe Finn, owner of Pat’s bar and grill, 6400 Oakland at Tamm, 4 blocks west of Hampton, is working with us.  We will have anti E/D signs on his building.     

On Sunday, Dec. 6th,  from 7:30 to 5:00 Charles Stewart and/or I will be at our MEDAC “stand” at 6400 Oakland in Turtle Park, across the street from Pat’s Bar. We will have a table, tent, and signs.  At this site people can get materials and suggestions on where/how to work.  We have E/D buttons or signs people can wear.  We do not have tee shirts.  We also have 4000 half page fliers that volunteers are to give to people. The fliers describe the issue and say how to contact us and how to donate to MEDAC.  

If we have enough volunteers, we will establish a second MEDAC stand at the NW or SW corner of Hampton and I-64. 

This weekend call my CELL # 805-4206 if no answer at 771-03509.

If possible, return signatures to our stand in Turtle Park when finished collecting.   


Also, please donate money to MEDAC & mail to 2752 Lafayette, St. Louis, Mo. 63104. 

Jim Roos