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Courtney Cole, the Democratic Party candidate in the 121st Legislative District, continued her fundraising juggernaut last night with an event in Warrensburg. There were seventy individuals in attendance.

Courtney Cole, the Democratic Party candidate in the 121st Legislative District.

Former State Representative Deleta Williams (D) introduced Courtney Cole:

….I would like to introduce an individual, to introduce an individual who has stepped up and committed to take back the 121st Legislative District seat. [applause] That seat has been in the hands of Republicans since I left there in early two thousand three. And I will have to say that my experience as a member of the legislature and having had that seat was an incredible experience and I know that the individual who has stepped forward will also find it an incredible experience. And I truly believe that with all of her capabilities she will also be an excellent person to serve the constituents of the 121st District while upholding the principles of the Democratic Party [applause]….

Former State Representative for the 121st Legislative District Deleta Williams introduces Courtney Cole.

Courtney Cole then spoke:

….[applause] I want to thank all of you, especially, thank you so much for your kind words Deleta. That means so much to me….

….You know, so often people ask me why I decided to run for state representative and get into this race. And there are so many good reasons. But the one that I think is most important is, considering so many families right now are hurting, there are so many people who are having a hard time, a very difficult time. And I go around and I’ve been speaking to a lot of individuals and there’s a lot of people who are out of work and there’s a lot of individuals who have spoken to me and they’re worried that they might soon be. And so, while we’re seeing on a national level things really start to pick up with our economy, on a local and a state level we know that there are still needs that are here….

….I’ve been kind of tired about the lack of accountability and responsibility that some of our leaders have. And, as a teacher I always try to teach my students to be responsible and be accountable for their actions. So, I want all of you to know that with my campaign I will always be honest with you, I will always be accountable, and I’m always going to come to you and talk to you about the issues….

….This campaign isn’t my campaign. You know, I’ve said that before. This is our campaign. And these are our voices….We need to turn the voice back to the people. And that’s what I plan to be for you if I am so privileged to be able to serve you in Jefferson City. I want to be your voice….

Gary Grigsby, the recently announced Democratic Party candidate in the 122nd Legislative District, attended Courtney Cole’s fundraising event in Warrensburg.

Among those attending the event was Gary Grigsby, a Johnson County small business proprietor, who has announced that he is a candidate in the 122nd Legislative District.