(considering breaking news on the story, parts of it got gobbled up and revised – here’s an dead tree edition of the story for you all to digest)

A friend on Twitter mentioned that Will Kraus’ website was pitching him for the 8th Senate district and it was just a banner at first:

And now, the site fully updated itself to be for the 8th Senate District race:

The letter notes support from Brian Yates (R-Quik Cash). And was a surprising twist in the mystery Lee’s Summit Conservative that Brian Yates will endorse saga. But maybe I missed when Will Kraus went to Lee’s Summit, I know that the current location that you can donate cash to his campaign is in Raytown. And Raytown is in the 11th. (Although it’s worth noting on the website that Kraus said that Yates’ resignation inspired him to run for the State Senate, which is not exactly a conclusion to the endorsement deal, but it’s probably in the bag.)

Now, parts of the 48th are in the 8th Senate District. When betting on a primary, it’s not entirely reasonable to bet on the guy who has half his house district in a Senate District (Kraus) over guys with their entire House District in the Senate district (Dusenberg and Pratt). But if there’s anything that we all love, it’s bloody contentious primaries. It’s an Eastern Jackson County tradition.

The 48th district, which will be open two years early due to Will Kraus’ sudden Senate run, went around 54/45 for Obama last November. Which should inspire a tough contest for the seat.

Ever get the impression that Brian Yates may not entirely like someone in the Establishment?