Here are the FDL Action health care reform highlights for “Black Friday” (November 27).

1. On Wednesday, Jane Hamsher asked, “Why is HCAN Defending Blanche Lincoln From A Primary Challenge?”  The answer: “[HCAN] will continue to operate as part of the Democratic party infrastructure, try to kill primary challengers and move to protect their ‘own.’  And that means Blanche Lincoln.  If health care reform happens in the meantime, well, what a happy coincidence.” Or “unhappy,” as the case may be.

2. Yesterday, Jane Hamsher wrote about “The PR Push That Helped PhRMA Buy the Government.” Included in “Government” are “the 42 members of Congress who helpfully inserted lobbyist language into the Congressional Record in favor of endless patents on biologic drugs on behalf of the prescription drug industry.” So nice of those 42 members of Congress, huh?

3. Jane Hamsher wonders, “How is Newt Gingrich Not a Lobbyist?”, and concludes that the “definition of ‘lobbyist’ seems a bit too flexible to prohibit the biggest of the professional influence peddlers from getting their claws in.” Not that we’d ever think Newt Gingrich had claws or anything. Heh.

4. Jon Walker provides “13 very specific proven solutions” for OMB Director Peter Orszag, who had “defended the Senate health care reform bill’s minor cost-control measure” by suggesting that critics had no ideas of their own for controlling costs. Among the 13 ideas Walker presents: “Turn all health insurances companies into non-profits;” “Allow Medicare to directly negotiate lower drug prices;” “create a much stronger risk adjustment mechanism [on the new exchanges];” and “Create a robust public option that can use Medicare rates and Medicare’s provider network.” I believe the ball is now in your court, Mr. Orszag! 🙂