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Our previous coverage of Representative Denny Hoskin’s (r – noun, verb, CPA) property tax issue:

Denny Hoskins: Noun, Verb…CPA? (November 12, 2009)

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Well, the Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal has been running a number of letters to the editor, the following from Monday, November 23rd (available on-line):

First he can’t pay, then pays next day

We are confused. The paper first says that Mr. Hoskins’ taxes are delinquent in the amount of nearly $20,000. … Then he suddenly finds the money to pay them [….]

There are a few more:

People struggle, but they pay taxes

Denny Hoskins all of the sudden came up with $20,000 in less than 24 hours to pay his delinquent taxes that he couldn’t pay for a year [….]

Astonishing news about taxes

[….] And to think: We elected this guy to guard our tax dollars in Jefferson City [….]

Thanks for making tax issue public

As a concerned citizen I am proud of the fact this tax issue was made public by you [….]

Then to come up with a lame excuse as Rep. Hoskins has made for non-payment of the tax is appalling [….]

CPA should make better choices

After reading and listening to the various articles and interviews regarding Rep. Denny Hoskins’ failure to pay his 2008 taxes, I am frustrated [….]

Interestingly, the Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal has not made an editorial and several other letters to the editor on the same subject (which were in a printed edition from last week) available on-line.