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Joe Lieberman assumes everyone is stupid. His assumption is correct when it comes to our useless old media. It’s too bad for Joe Lieberman that Al Gore (you remember him Joe?) had a hand in the development of the Internet. We can now easily search for all kinds of information.

Lieberman Repeats Claim That Public Option Not Part Of 2008 Presidential Campaign

Brian Beutler | November 21, 2009, 9:15PM

….”This is a kind[ ]of 11th hour addition to a debate that’s gone on for decades,” Lieberman told reporters tonight. “Nobody’s ever talked about a public option before. Not even in the presidential campaign last year.”

I asked in response, “How do you reconcile your contention that the public option wasn’t part of the presidential campaign given that all three of the [leading Democratic] candidates had something along the lines of the public option in their white papers?’

“Not really, not from what I’ve seen. There was a little–there was a line about the possibility of it in an Obama health care policy paper,” Lieberman said….

[emphasis added]

Disingenuous putz.

From the Obama campaign, September, 2007 (pdf):

….If you do not have insurance you can choose to enroll in the new public plan, which will offer benefits similar to what every federal employee and member of Congress gets. Or you can choose private plan options through the national health exchange…

[emphasis added]

Uh, Joe, the Internets are forever. Or until some narcissistic group of putzes does something to pull the plug.

By they way, thanks for nothing, Claire.