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Sen. McCaskill explains why the Senate can’t be bothered to do anything about the climate bill:

Some senators are skeptical lawmakers will be ready to tackle another huge issue after finishing health care. “After you do one really, really big, really, really hard thing that makes everybody mad, I don’t think anybody’s excited about doing another really, really big thing that’s really, really hard that makes everybody mad,” Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., said. “Climate fits that category.”

This is a grownup Senator talking?

Well, dagnabbit, I wish I’d thought of that when discussing future goals with ex-managers during performance reviews. ‘No, no, I don’t need to move on to any next project, I already did one really, really hard thing this year. And hold my calls, would you? They interrupt my Mahjong Titans time.’

The writer at AlterNet adds to her commentary a priceless video of George Bush talking about hard work. Just skedaddle on over there and enjoy yourself.