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Roy Blunt is annoyed with the League of Conservation Voters. How dare they air that “stain” TV ad telling the truth about the million Big Oil bucks he’s accepted. He called it sneaky tactics:

The money you can spend on ads like this are unlimited, so it’s an interesting way to kind of get around the campaign finance law…

It’s a way to violate – it’s a way to get around the campaign finance laws.

What, like he wouldn’t stoop to doing that? Only the first chance he gets.

Here’s hoping LCV’s response in a radio ad raised his blood pressure–and educated some Missourians about the way he votes for Big Oil subsidies and against tax credits for wind and solar:


Go ahead, Roy, tell us again about how much you love wind and solar power. Maybe it’ll prompt another LCV ad on that topic.

UPDATE: How much do you want to bet Roy Blunt mentions ACORN in his response to this ad? -Clark