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Representative Denny Hoskins (r – noun, verb, CPA) at his June 19, 2009 townhall meeting in Knob Noster, Missouri. Uh, we were there, we covered three of his townhalls in the same day, and it was interesting. So what’s the big deal?

Representative Denny Hoskins (r) in the 121st Legislative District has not been having a good month when it comes to property taxes. This morning he talked with Marion Woods about it on his regular KOKO radio show.

The transcript:

[note: laughter and crosstalk in transcript came from the interviewer]

….Marion Woods: Our State Representative for the 121st District, Denny Hoskins. Hi, Den.

Representative Denny Hoskins: Hi, how are you Woody?

Woods: I’m pretty good.

Hoskins: Good, good.

Woods: It’s Monday, I got through the weekend. Although it’s kind of miserable out there today.

Hoskins: Yes, it is kind of…  

Woods: And it’s not going to change all week! [crosstalk]

Hoskins: …cruddy out there. Exactly, exactly.

Woods: We’ve got to talk about HOS Properties, LLC today.

Hoskins: Yes.

Woods: Now you probably knew I would ask you about that.

Hoskins: Right, right.

Woods: You probably prepared a…  

Hoskins: Well, I…  

Woods: To discuss it a little bit?

Hoskins: Yes, I’m, I’m definitely prepared to discuss Hos Properties, LLC and, and it’s something that I want to talk about.

Woods: Oh. Okay.

Hoskins: So, inform…So I can inform the listeners about what’s going on.

Woods: Ok.

Hoskins: Um, basically Hos Properties, LLC is, is a rental property company owned by my brother Brian, and myself. Uh, Brian has taken over managing the rental properties and paying the bills and whatnot ever since I started campaigning for election back in January two thousand eight. Um, unfortunately, we were late this year paying our property taxes.

Woods: Yeah.

Hoskins: And the House Democrat Campaign Committee, including Chris Moreno, sent out press releases to every media outlet, um, in Johnson County and I think across the state.

Woods: [laughter] Everybody got one, huh?

Hoskins: Yes, last, uh, Wednesday informing them, with, with copies of our HOS Properties, LLC property taxes.

Woods: Did you have any indication this was coming? That, that you were, there was going to be a big news story?

Hoskins: No, no, I had, I had no indication. You know we, um, all my individual income taxes are paid. All my personal property taxes are paid. My property taxes on my house are paid. This was a, like I said, a business, HOS Properties, LLC. That owed, we paid our 2008 property taxes late. We are responsible for those property taxes. Um, we just paid them late. And, I know that there’s are a lot of other Missourians out there that are struggling just like we are.

Woods: Yeah.

Hoskins: Um, when we have tenants that can’t pay their rent, uh, because of economic recession and downturn, uh, in turn it’s tough for us to pay our mortgage.

Woods: Yeah.

Hoskins: And our property taxes as well.

Woods: Now your brother takes care of this for you?

Hoskins: Brother takes care of…[crosstalk]  

Woods: For HOS Properties, LLC.

Hoskins: Yes.

Woods: Did you know that they hadn’t been paid?

Hoskins: Yes, I, I knew that they had not been paid. And, so, he um, he’d been saving money back, and we, I mean, we’ve had a plan for a while. He’d been saving money back. We can, not necessarily pay them in installments, but we can pay, it was a couple different properties, so we can pay each parcel off and that’s what we were working on trying to do.

Woods: Yeah, you can’t pay ’em in installments can you?

Hoskins: No, you cannot pay them in installments. When we talk about installments is, um, you know either setting money back, um, us setting money back in order to pay them all in full, or, like I said, you can pay off different parcels, and so we’ve got, um, I think five, five parcels, or five uh, rental, rental houses, rental buildings.

Woods: Yeah.

Hoskins: And so we could pay off each one. We didn’t have to pay all of ’em up at one time.

Woods: It’s a, there were separate bills then?

Hoskins: Exactly.

Woods: Okay. Okay.

Hoskins: Yes. They were separate bills. And so, you know, like I said, the previous tenants skipped town without paying, and so we’ve been struggling on collecting delinquent rent and getting those paid.

Woods: That’s always fun too, isn’t it?

Hoskins:: It, it is, uh. It’s very, it’s very frustrating and, and struggling and I know there’s a lot of other landlords out there, too, that go through the same thing. In fact, I’ve received, um, several phone calls from other landlords here in Johnson County, in Warrensburg, that have experienced the same thing and, and it’s frustrating for them, and to try to collect delinquent rent. Because, the, the Missouri laws are definitely written in favor of the tenants.

Woods: Really?

Hoskins: Yes, um.  

Woods: Maybe something for you to work on! [laughter]

Hoskins: It might, it might be something that, that we take a look at.

Woods: Yeah.

Hoskins: You know, we’ll see. You know this is a, um, like I said these are, you know, I just want to make it clear because sometimes the headlines don’t always reflect…[crosttalk]

Woods: Yeah.

Hoskins: …what, what’s actually going on. These were two thousand eight property taxes for HOS Properties, LLC, which is a company that my brother and I own, for, and we paid the taxes, we know that we’re, we’re responsible for the taxes. We weren’t trying to dodge not paying the taxes, they were just paid late.

Woods: And you’re going to have to pay late fees, too.

Hoskins: Yes, and we paid, we paid the late fees, all the late fees and the property taxes have been paid in full. So, like I said, my, we’ve had a plan. My brother’s been setting aside money and, uh, we’ve paid those off all last week. So.

Woods: So, it’s done.

Hoskins: It’s done.

Woods: Now, there’s still going to be questions aren’t there?

Hoskins: Right, there, there’s still going to be questions, and you know this is um, we’ve talked a little bit about it and it, it feels, we’re a year out, a little over, a little less than a year out from the next general election, as a state representative I serve a two year term.  

Woods: Yeah.

Hoskins: Um, I am the number one targeted race in the state of Missouri. So what that…  

Woods: Do you know why you are?

Hoskins: Well, based on the fact that um, um, I won by a hundred twenty-two votes last, last November.

Woods: Very short, very small margin then.

Hoskins: Right. And we’ve had, you know, Republican and Democrat representatives here represent us in the 121st District.

Woods: Yeah.

Hoskins: We’ve had, you know, Senator Pearce represented us. We’ve had, uh, former State Representative Deleta Williams. We’ve had, uh, Rep – who was a Democrat. We’ve had Republican Gene Lange represent us. So…[crossstalk]

Woods: Yeah.

Hoskins: It’s a district that’s swung back and forth. And, um, this is just the, the Chris Mor
…, I know I’ve had a lot of people that said, well who, who’s Chris Moreno. I got an email from Chris Moreno. Um, Chris Moreno…[crosstalk]  

Woods: I have no idea myself.

Hoskins: Yes, you don’t? Um, Chris Moreno, he is, he was the lobbyist for the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, um, last year, under Governor Nixon’s administration. He left that position to become, um, the Chairman of the House Democrat Campaign Committee. He’s also one that I’ve talked about before about Representative Scott Largent, myself, uh, offering the amendments to save Meals on Wheels and get rid of the government lobbyist. Well he’s one of the positions that we, um, amended to cut [laughter] in, in order to put that money toward Meals on Wheels.

Woods: Yeah.

Hoskins: He’s also, and we’ve talked about this, on the, on the radio show before too, um, with my colleagues Representative Molendorp and Representative Zerr, about the, uh, when they were offered jobs, and job security, in order to place a vote, um, Repre…, er, you know, Chris Moreno, as well as Dustin Allison from the Governor’s office were the two people that, that were there offering them, um, perks and things in, in order for the vote. So that’s, that’s who Chris Moreno is. Um.  

Woods: So his job right now is to get your job?

Hoskins: Well, his, his, yes. His job is, his job is to make sure that uh, um, there’s a candidate here, um, to try and take my job. So, um, you know, like I said, this is, it’s a targeted race, there’s going to be a, uh, lot name-calling toward me and we’ve already had, there’s people down at the courthouse, um, from the House Democrat Campaign Committee, or, or firms that they’ve hired that are pull, pulling my personal and business records. Um, someone, I um, I can’t prove anything, but I think someone was actually going through my trash…[laughter]…before.

Woods: Really?

Hoskins: Yes, yes. I’ve had fake constituents, uh, email me and, and when I’ve tried to call ’em back, there, there’s no, the phone number they list is, is not there.

Woods: Nonexistent?

Hoskins: Nonexistent. I, look them up on the registered voter hotline, and there’s, they’re not a registered voter at least within my district.

Woods: Yeah.

Hoskins: So, so they’re, they’re being put up to something, um, by, by other people. I’ve had, um, someone call my office, and, um, ask, you know, or had, had someone ask one of my supporters well, you know it’s really hard to get a hold of Representative Hoskins, you know, how much, how much would it take to meet with Representative Hoskins? Well, my answer is, it’s free. It’s free. [laughter] It’s free to meet with Representative Hoskins. I don’t, I don’t charge anything. [crosstalk, background laughter] And then, you know I’ve talked about it, at my town halls, too, I had a, um, when we had the three town halls, one at Holden, one at Warrensburg, and one at Knob Noster. I had a gentleman, a liberal blogger, um, Michael Bersin…

Woods: Um, hm.

Hoskins: Um, come and tape record and take pictures at not just Holden, not just Holden and Warrensburg but Holden, Warrensburg, and Knob Noster. So, like said, it, it’s a targeted race. There’s going to be a lot of information and everything out there but, what I encour…what I encourage people to do is, if they want the truth, if they want the facts, you know, don’t, uh, listen to, and, front page editorial on the local newspaper, you know, give me a call. My door’s always open. I’ll be, you know, email me, you know, it’s, uh, a lot different living your life in a fish bowl.

Woods: It is, it is different isn’t it?

Hoskins: Right. And that, and that’s the way I describe it, but you know I’ve got thick skin and like I said, my door’s always open.

Woods: Now where can they find you, Denny?

Hoskins: They can find me, um, either at Denny dot Hoskins at house dot mo dot g-o-v, um, my, we have a new 866 or 800 number. I don’t have that number on me, well, maybe I do.

Woods: Maybe you do, in the phone?

Hoskins: Yes, yeah, let me look it up here.

Woods: What about, uh,  if they want to come in and meet you face to face?

Hoskins: If they want to come in and meet me face to face, you know, we, I’ve got my new office, uh, Taylor, Hoskins, Shaw CPAs at 201 North Holden that they come in and set an appointment. I’d be glad to meet ’em, with them here in the district. Or, um, most of the time I’m here in the district or where we can meet you know, for coffee somewhere as well.

Woods: Yeah.

Hoskins: Anything like that. Um, you know, or they can always call my Jeff City office and, my legislative assistant Rose Marie can schedule an appointment there too.

Woods: Okay, did you find your eight hundred number there?

Hoskins: Yes, it is, 866-331-4073. Again that’s 1-866-331-4073. Um, what we’re, you know, what I’m excited about, I’m excited about getting back to work this next legislative session. Um, Representative Burlison, uh, from Springfield and I have got some potential legislation that could I think, uh, be very environmental friendly and that we’re excited about and working on together. One, one of, one of the other things I’m going to do is, I had another colleague of mine tell me about, uh, an idea they had, it’s called a, you know I’ve had four town halls in the past year.  

Woods: Yeah.

Hoskins: What they called was an idea raiser. And so we’re working on trying to get a time and a place for an idea raiser here in Johnson County. And what an idea raiser is, um, constituents are invited to come, we meet, and we talk about their ideas. Their ideas to help make Johnson County and the 121st District and Missouri a better place to live and work. And, I’ll be there to listen to their ideas. They’ll have a chance to write those ideas down and talk to me about, um, any potential legislation they think that could, could, um, help make that better. So, I’m excited about that and like I said, I’m excited about getting back to Jeff City. Pre-filing starts December 1st.

Woods: Which is not far off, is it?

Hoskins: It’s not far off.

Woods: A couple weeks.

Hoskins: Right, a couple weeks. And we’ll talk, here in the next week or two, we’ll talk about different, um, um, legislation that, that we’re working on pre-filing. But, if any, like I said, if anyone has any questions, you know, feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email because, um, you’re, you’re going to get, I’m going to shoot you the record straight.

Woods: [laughter] Yeah.

Hoskins: I guess I should say.

Woods: But it, I think everyone needs to be alert, this is a contested race coming up. You’ve got another year and then, there’s another election.

Hoskins: Yes, yes, it’s uh, you know, like I said, it’s been interesting. You know with, there’s another local, uh, news media source that printed a, uh, on their online website, Digitalburg.com.

Woods: Um hmm.

Hoskins: They printed, um, the other announced candidate, um, her press release announcing her election bid, or bid for my, my job, my state representative job. Um, I sent them copies of my press release twice. Called them, left two messages, never, never heard anything. It was never printed. You know all the other local media outlets, uh, including the radio station and warrensburgradio.com picked that up. When I was finally able to make contact, uh, with the, with the gentleman, he said that, uh, the incumbent, me announcing my run for reelection twelve months was, ahead of time was not news, but, uh, the only other announced candidate announcing her re-election bid, for sixteen months out, that was big news. And, I said, well it was kind of interesting and, and frustrating that, uh, her husband works in, in that department at the University, the Department of Communications. And, u
h, he said her husband working three doors down from me has nothing to do with us printing her press release and not yours. So.

Woods: Yeah.

Hoskins: So, like I said, it’s, it’s a targeted race. Um, I look forward to this next session. I look forward to campaigning and you know, become, staying your state representative.

Woods: Thank you, Denny.

Hoskins: Thanks a lot Woody.

Woods: You bet. Denny Hoskins, your state representative of the 121st District….

Okay. He’s talking about not paying his property taxes for eleven months and then paying them after the media covers that fact. And somehow:

“…And then, you know I’ve talked about it, at my town halls, too, I had a, um, when we had the three town halls, one at Holden, one at Warrensburg, and one at Knob Noster. I had a gentleman, a liberal blogger, um, Michael Bersin [….] Um, come and tape record and take pictures at not just Holden, not just Holden and Warrensburg but Holden, Warrensburg, and Knob Noster….”

Yes, covering a state representative’s townhall in a blog that covers politics and government in Missouri is somehow connected to not paying your property taxes for almost a year. Am I missing a connection here?

The list of other meanies that seem to be responsible for all this misfortune doesn’t just include me.

If Representative Hoskins had actually paid his property taxes when they were due (like the reported 92% of other taxpayers in Johnson County who paid up) all those people who pointed that fact out wouldn’t be meanies?

That’s just rich.

Oh, and by the way, it’s the Democratic Party.