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Some of the St. Louis activists most dedicated on the health care reform issue gathered on a curbside near Lacy Clay’s office Friday to thank him for his support of the bill. Oh, and there was one person who wasn’t there to thank him. Right wing blogger Sharp Elbows (at right), was there, taking photos and video. At one point, all by his lonesome, he started chanting a refrain that branded us as commies: “Everything for everybody, nothing for ourselves. Everything for everybody, nothing for ourselves.”

Our chanting, which until then had been anemic, took on new vibrancy, and Sharp Elbows kept his refrain going, along with occasionally yelling “commies” or “socialists”. One woman told him he had balls, and he replied, “Yes ma’am, two of ’em.” Melanie Shouse shouted her thanks to him and his for ruining the Republican Party.

What can I say? We should invite one tea partier to every progressive rally: gets the blood pumping and raises the needle on the ire tachometer.

But once the speakers started, our tea partier quieted down. Melanie, after explaining–with a smile–that she was wearing an eye patch because pirates can be useful in fending off interloping Republicans, reamed out obstructionist Republican Congressmen on the health care issue.