And I sure as hell won’t make that mistake again.

Let’s recap, shall we?

First it gets out that he is over $20,000 in arrears in property taxes and late penalties that have been piling up since they became delinquent on January 1, 2009 – just days before he was sworn into office, after running on the “I’m a CPA! The House doesn’t have one and it needs one desperately! I will watch your tax dollars!” (or something like that) platform.

As soon as it gets out, he pleads poverty. Tenants don’t pay their rent, the recession is at fault, blah blah blah. Then it got really priceless…he made up an imaginary, nonexistent – illegal even – “tax installation plan” that the county collector could hardly keep from laughing out loud over when she was asked about it.

Then, right before closing time, in he strolls with a check for the entire $20,317.89.

Yesterday, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I used to have a rental property and sometimes it was rough collecting the rent when times were GOOD.  

But here’s the thing – he’s not just a “moron and an embarrassment and has no damned business in the state legislature”, as I said yesterday.  You gotta add pants-on-fire liar to the list. Because when he found himself in a hole, he started digging furiously – i.e., lying his ass off, like it was his first instinct to do so.

First he pleaded poverty. Then he played the victim card, as republicans are wont to do at every damned turn. Before ultimately coughing up over twenty grand before the close of business that same day.

So where did the money come from? Did he have it all along, and he was sandbagging? Was it gifted to him, or loaned? If so, by whom? If a loan, will the repayment be publicly disclosed, or occur in meetings in Jeff City once the session starts?

Putting pen to paper, here is how Denny-the-CPA’s inability to pay his property taxes on time hurt the constituents he pledges at the header of his website that he is there to “take care of” were adversely affected by his hubristically thinking that he is a big enough fish to avoid paying taxes – Like Hos Properties is Helmsley Hotels or something!


Now, pardon me for shouting here, but what the hell kind of CPA makes up rules just for himself that he should know are patently against the law? “Tax installation plan”? Jebus, Denny!

First, it would be an installment plan. Go back to your 6th grade teacher and apologize for being such a doofus when it comes to proper word usage. Then, go back to your business law professor and apologize for obviously sleeping through class, and then shag your ass to the nearest Johnson County schools and go to every single classroom and apologize to every student in the system for screwing them out of $11,301.52 for over ten months. Repeat until you have apologized to every last student in the district, you disgraceful lout.