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Nobody was too surprised that Ike Skelton voted for the repressive Stupak-Pitts Amendment which, if it is retained, will do more to impede access to abortion than any other piece of legislation since  Roe v. Wade made abortion legal. Nor was it surprising that Skelton also voted against the Health Care Reform Bill itself – although the Stupak-Pitts amendment was supposed to buy the votes of Republican-lite Democrats like Skelton.

However, Rachel Maddow, in a discussion of the roots of the Stupak-Pitts Amendment last night suggested a sinister influence that might have played a role in determining Skelton’s votes. In the video below (at point 2:09) Maddow states that Skelton is reported to be a member of The Family, a shadowy, elite, evangelical network that, according to author Jeff Sharlet, works through susceptible politicians to move our government closer to becoming a fundamentalist Christian state:

There’s nothing intrinsically evil about being conservative, moderate, or whatever Skelton calls himself, though one can argue that his policy positions are mistaken. Neither should one question his Christian faith per se.  However, what does deserve to be examined in the light of full disclosure is the possibility that Skelton, an eleted official, is unduly influenced by a secretive religious organization that works to exert a sub rosa influence on the political life of the nation.