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The Stupak-Pitts amendment in the House bans abortion coverage from the health care bill. The only way a woman’s policy would cover abortion would be if her premiums were paid for exclusively with private money. Note that only one Missouri Democrat, Ike Skelton, voted for it. Lacy Clay, who is Roman Catholic and who opposes abortion, has nevertheless been consistently cautious about voting to prevent women from choosing for themselves. He’s not on the list of aye votes.

Skelton, who was going to vote against the health care reform bill anyway, got a chance–despite being a turncoat on the most historic piece of Democratic legislation  in decades–to get something he wanted, a ban on abortions.

Sure, I know why the Stupak amendment was allowed to come up for a vote. And if it was that or not getting a bill at all, I’d take what I could get. But I’m trying to wrap my mind around a situation where a defector like Ike gets this sweet little reward.