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Ed Wildberger resigned from the Missouri House earlier this week after he was appointed Buchanan County Recorder of Deeds (replacing Karen Higginbotham, who is retiring). {Source}

The Special Election is on November February 2nd. The likely Democratic candidate is County Clerk Pat Conway.

HD27 is St. Joseph west of I-29 including downtown and Barbosa’s Castillo. Missouri Western’s campus* (no idea how many students might live far enough from the buildings to live in HD27) and Barbosa’s East are east of I-29, if you need another point of reference and you’re not a St. Joe expert.

Obama narrowly won Buchanan County, and barring something we’re not expecting about HD28 (Rob Schaaf) and HD29 (Martin Rucker), Obama won HD27. It’s reasonable to say that HD27’s special election will be the most exciting special election on 2/2/2010, and the Democrats should win it easily. The closest HD27 has had to a close election was a 16 point Wildberger victory in 2002.

The current lineup of special elections for 2/2/2010: HD27 (to replace Ed Wildberger), HD57 (to replace T.D. El-Amin), and HD62 (Democrat James Rynard v. Republican Nita Jane Ayres to replace Dennis Wood).