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November 5 is the Kickoff to a National Week of Action on Health Care:

Please  call Congress today!  A toll free number is 1-877-323-5246 and write

a letter about why health care reform is so important to you!

In addition, many national organizations have partnered in the fight for Health Care Reform.  

The vote in the House, which should come on Saturday, Nov. 7, is very very tight – right now the votes may not be there.  Consequently, each state has been analyzed by the partners and specific legislators who need a push have been targeted.  Congressman Ike Skelton is the target in Missouri.  PLEASE call his office today and make your voice heard as a Missourian.

Remember – President Obama always said he needed us to get things done so let’s do it!

Judith Parker

Consultant, MO Alliance for Retired Americans