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Missouri’s Republican politicians are are working overtime to kill cap-and-trade. They insist that taking rational steps to move the U.S. off fossil fuels will cause the economy to crater. Even some Missouri Democrats who ought to know better,  Claire McCaskill, for instance,  voice concern about the economic impact of cap-and-trade on “Missouri families.”

Given all this wailing over the economic ruin that we face if cap-and-trade is enacted, it is instructive to learn, via FiredUp, that according to a new survey economists who have looked at the numbers conclude that

…the “significant benefits from curbing greenhouse-gas emissions would justify the costs of action,” . .. In fact, the survey of economists finds 94% believe the U.S. should join climate agreements to limit global warming.

This information should be especially reassuring to Sentor Kit Bond who explained his boycott of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee markup of cap-and-trade legislation by declaring:

Missouri families and workers expect me to know what this 1,000-page bill will cost them before I start voting on it …

Now that there is a consensus among economists, perhaps Bond can get back to work.  Of course, he and his fellow Republicans weren’t willing to accept the numbers offered in a study of the economic impacts of the legislation carried out by EPA economists, so maybe they don’t really care what most other economists think about cap-and-trade either.