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We noted yesterday that our Republican legislators seem to rely overmuch on rote regurgitation of set scripts with little regard for fact.  One of the examples offered was the inimitable Todd Akin – and he’s been at it again.

The Wasington Independent reports that Akin harangued the members of the House last week in an effort to revive the rather inexplicable Republican frenzy about the White House’s appointment of administrative coordinators popularly termed “czars.”  Rep. Akin was in fine fettle, waxing indignant as he asked:

Why does President Obama appear so eager to appoint ‘czars,'” he asks, “while leaving positions requiring Senate confirmation unfilled?

One can only conclude that he is unaware of the unprecedented number of Republican holds and filibusters placed on the president’s nominees.  Additionally, one of the three “unconfirmed” czars that he named was John Holdren, the Sciences Czar, who actually was confirmed by the Senate in March of this year.

It’s downright embarrassing.  Of course, everyone makes mistakes – but then we don’t let everyone set national policy either.  Perhaps the citizens of the 2nd district will bear that in mind next time Akin is up for reelection.