In chicago a bunch of bankers had a conference and were greeted by a bunch of angry protesters. I love it!

The basic premise: Don't bail them out and instead send them to jail. Report after report has come in discussing the fact that the bail out money has not loosened up lending practices as anticipated and that bonuses for bankers have stayed in good shape. 

It's basically impossible for people to feel bad for banks. Despite efforts from Obama, lenders are still making more money off of foreclosure than a loan modification. Unemployment is still rising. Unemployment for elders has risen to its highest point since the great depression.

The “too big to fail” motto that was embraced by Bush and continued by Obama has begun to fall on deaf ears. Nothing is too big to fail, although if some of the banking systems did wash out a lot of ordinary people would be extraordinarily screwed. 

Until the unemployment rate gets better color me worried. It is simply too high. I have noticed with my friends and others though that people are getting more innovative in terms of making money.