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I’ve been down the rabbit hole. Monday evening, I attended a town hall hosted by Cynthia Davis, with Todd Akin as her guest, and attended by 25 or 30 of their true believers. What had been billed as an opportunity for constituents to get answers to questions actually turned out to be lotsa lecture by Mr. Akin–but no one seemed to mind.

Both lawmakers had a chance to hold forth, and each differed as widely in personality as in height. Davis is merry and disarming, with more than a touch of ditzy thrown in. Akin is more serious.

And he is smooth. He never raises his voice or evinces anger. Never. Indeed, aside from the fact that much of what he says is misleading or demonstrably false, you’d swear he was the soul of rationality. Many voters trust him implicitly because he is so gosh-darned sincere and able to cite (questionable) statistics.

He spoke at length about health care (as well as cap and trade, which I’ll cover in a later posting). I couldn’t help but notice that, on health care–as well as on other topics–no matter how reasonable the facade, no matter how soothing the voice, he indulges in the usual Republican scare tactics. Get a load:

Todd Akin slogs; Cynthia Davis flits. But either way, it’s a shame that a country faced with sorting out an incredibly complicated issue gets this instead: obstructionists and obfuscators, who play with the idea of carving themselves out of the United States health care system once we pass something. Sheesh.