This is Missouri…if you manage to get one republican weasel to stop telling a filthy, damned lie another one will pick it up and run with it.

Thus it was with Todd Akin yesterday when, from the House floor, he stood in front of his colleagues and spoke the following falsehood into the congressional record:

“I just hit 62, and I was just reading that in Canada [if] I got a bad hip I wouldn’t be able to get that hip replacement that [Rep. Dan Lungren] got, because I’m too old! I’m an old geezer now and it’s not worth a government bureaucrat to pay me to get my hip fixed.”

Now, no one ever accused Todd Akin of being one of the sharper tools in the shed, but one would think that he would at least know enough not to repeat a lie that was debunked months ago when his fellow nutter from the Missouri delegation, Roy Blunt, propagated it and got shot down by both Akin’s hometown paper, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and, which gave it a “pants on fire” rating. Canada does not deny senior citizens hip replacement surgery based on age. Funny these republican congresscritters can’t use teh google to look some of this stuff up. Like the fact that last year, Canada did over 1500 hip replacements on patients over 85.

And even so, that is totally beside the point, because, much to my chagrin, no one is proposing a single-payer system like Canadians enjoy.