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Remember when Republicans got all worked up when Nancy Pelosi pointed out that the CIA might not have been totally on the up-and-up with Congress?  Why, Media Matters asks, aren’t they equally up in arms when their own Todd Akin belittles, in Kit Bond’s words, our “terror fighters”?

Akin, tone-deaf as usual, is more than willing to sacrifice the CIA if he can get a dig in at “big government.” He drags out all of the conservative whipping boys; although it is perhaps surprising that he is so willing to lump the CIA together with such standard, right-wing bugaboos as the Department of Education. But that’s our boy Todd – always out on the edge of the fringe.

Unfortunately for Mr. Akin’s credibility, he neglects to mention that almost all of the agencies he decries have served their functions pretty well over the years, and when they have failed, it is often due to failures elswehere in the government.  For instance, many agencies owe their current decimated state to changes effected during the heyday of George Bush and his Republican congress, which included the very compliant Mr. Akin. One thing is sure:  government won’t work if those who are charged with making it work won’t do the job.