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Whereas black NFL players are saying they’d refuse to play for a team owned by Rush, and

Whereas Post-Dispatch columnist Kevin Horrigan explains that Limbaugh hates socialism and that the NFL is a highly socialistic organization, and

Whereas NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell believes that because of Rush’s racism, Limbaugh should not be allowed to buy an NFL team,

Be it resolved that we will all go over to St. Louis Democratic activist Peter Glickert’s new site, No Rush Limbaugh for the St. Louis Rams, and sign his petition. He aims to get 5,000 signatures by November 15th, and the site looks to be going viral. He got fifty signatures in less than a day, and the word is spreading. In fact, KSDK is covering it without Glickert even notifying them about it.

Of course, Glickert is also getting negative attention in the form of threatening e-mails. No surprise there. Rush is a purveyor of hate, and the dittoheads follow that lead.

Click here to sign the petition.

Update: Petitions on this one are the fad? Anyway, Brave New Films has one going as well. I signed both. Might as well.