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Black NFL players are saying that, considering Limbaugh’s history of racism, they would refuse to play for the Rams if he became an owner. Think Progress gives us a short history of his racist remarks, starting most notably with his comment about Donovan McNabb and including his opinions about two black kids beating up a white kid on a Belleville school bus:

Indeed, as CNN reported at the time, ESPN fired Limbaugh from Sunday NFL Countdown for “his statement that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was overrated because the media wanted to see a black quarterback succeed.” But, of course, Limbaugh has a long sordid history with making racist remarks. Some of his more recent lowlights:

Advising the NFL to block Limbaugh’s pursuit of an NFL franchise, St. Louis Dispatch sports columnist Bryan Burwell wrote recently, “Dancing with Limbaugh is like dancing with a snake. Eventually, the snake will bite you. That’s his nature.”

If you think the Rams are pitiful now, wait till you see what they’re like if Limbaugh buys in. He’ll do to them what dubya did to the whole country–except that shrub took over a reasonably healthy enterprise and ran it into the red.