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Is Claire McCaskill taking her cues from Jay Nixon now?  It seems, according to a DailyKos report, that she shares Jay’s graphophobia when it comes to putting pen to paper and signing a letter to Harry Reid demanding a public option. Thirty of her Democratic colleagues have no such fear, including even a straight down the center moderate like  Dianne Feinstein and Republican-at-heart Arlen Specter, but McCaskill, who claimed to support a public option earlier this summer, has evidently declined to make her support public in a meaningful way.  

Perhaps the  bipartisan “gang” McCaskill began hanging out with in September, Joe Lieberman, Kent Conrad, et al., have been a bad influence on her always somewhat mushy convictions. That would explain the tone of  this tweet from yesterday:

CBO says HC bill from Finance is deficit nuetral [sic] and will reduce the deficit over time. Good news. Still needs work(public option or coop)

A bit cryptic, admittedly, but sounds to me like McCaskill would be perfectly satisfied with the pathetic Senate Finance Bill if it were enhanced with provisions to create the equally miserable coops rather than a real public option.