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Via TPM, we learn that only 22 of the 28 Democratic governors now holding office were willing to sign a letter to Congressional leaders asking them to sign a health care reform bill this year.  Can you guess which governor of a central Midwestern state is among the holdouts?  Hint:  The state is bordered by* Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska, and the governor’s initials are JN.  

It was a pretty mild letter too.  As TPM reports:

The letter, circulated by Reid’s office and the Democratic Governors Association late Friday, is by no stretch of the imagination controversial.

“The status quo is no longer an option and we support getting health reform done this year,” the letter reads, making no mention of the public option or anything else that might rattle politicians.

Maybe there is some reason that justifies the absence of Nixon’s signature on this letter so I will withhold judgment for the time-being – although my first reaction is to ask what is it with these so-called Democrats in Missouri? The only time they seem to remember what the party stands for is when they are composing the fund-raising letters they send out to the party faithful.

* correction